Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas . . . Finally

I hope this blog finds all well and that you had a most enjoyable Christmas and New Year!

This particular Christmas was especially MERRY for me. This year, for the first time in many, people wished ME "Merry Christmas" before I could wish it to them...yes, I know this comes as a shock but a huge number (as high as 25 - 30% of folks who came thru my cigar store this year) wished ME "Merry Christmas".

My friends "Merry Christmas" was everywhere (well almost)!

For me, it started at Dollywood the first weekend in December (no surprise there, Dollywood has ALWAYS been a bastion of Merry Christmas) and, as we returned to the reality of post-Dollywood everyday life in a PC world, I was re-energized, ready to be the lone wolf in the wilderness of the holiday spirit once again, howling out my "Merry Christmas" to the vast bitter and lonely world of PC'ers.

It has been that way for the past 10 to 15 years as the insidious demons of PC continued to wage war against the Christmas spirit!

You all know the demons. They are easily identified....the ones who want to be their kids "best friend" instead of their parent. They want their child to learn the proper technique for putting on a condom before they can read, write or even learn math. They want their children to know that Heather has Two Mommies. Finally they want their family to be "in touch" with their feelings and take charge of everyone else's and heaven forbid their child should OFFEND someone.

These PC creatures have been coming out in the light and out from under their murky shadows (where they belong) way too much for my taste.

I truly believe the PC life style was created so left wing wackos could have access to the mainstream....and by God (sorry if I offended anyone for invoking the name of the almighty...NOT) they succeeded.

It started out with the little subtleties like saying "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". We wouldn't want to offend our Muslim or Jewish friends (in all my years of growing up I never heard one person, Jew, Muslim or atheist protest to a hearty well intentioned Merry Christmas) but then, as they always do, the demons sleazily infiltrated our schools, pandering their bilge to the young and innocent.

First they ban traditional Christmas Carols, then renamed Christmas parties as "Winter Solstice parties", and they have even gone so far as to ban the playing of ANY Christmas related music, the use of red and green, and candy canes for God's sake...yes, it's all true and documented, then came the removal of ALL Christmas symbols....the odorous Christmas tree, the sickening manger scenes and the hideous Santa Claus...from our squares and towns. Well, as usual, they went too far. They crossed our "line in the sand" and this year "Merry Christmas" was beginning to roll of peoples tongues with vigor, and smiles of "thanks" and appreciation for the greeting was more the norm than not.

Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't nearly what it was as I remembered as a child growing up in a small Northern Illinois town (OK, if you must know; Sycamore, IL)...but it's a start to the new year and a reinvigorated Christmas spirit!

A wonderful, cheerful and most glorious start, I now feel that one day I will be allowed to drive a stake of holly through the heart (if I can find it) of the PC demons, and banish them to a Christmas Village where maybe, just maybe, they will "get the spirit". Who knows...it might happen, the PC'er you know just may wish YOU a "Merry Christmas"...and to all a good night!