Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/11 more than a rememberance of a past tragedy a reminder of an impending tragedy!

I am sure y'all can probably remember where you were on 9/11 I can. What I remember most was the tears, the hurt, the sorrow I felt for all of the innocence lost and the brave responders and heroes that were lost...I will never forget. I also remember the pride in my country after that tragedy, the way we all pulled together and gave back better than we got...but never better than we lost! Alas, this anniversary year again brings tears to my eyes but for a totally different reason...my country that was hit on that tragic day came back even stronger, our leadership was strong and resolute our action decisive and we were all proud to be Americans...my how times have changed. I cry for my country now, not only for the loss remembered but for the ebbing away of my country from what it was to what it is. I never dreamt I would see MILLIONS and MILLIONS on food stamps, MILLIONS and MILLIONS not working and an equal amount quit working. Free phones, free healthcare, amnesty for MILLIONS, diplomats slaughtered in Benghazi, thousands gassed in Syria, transgendered bathrooms for kids, 1 plus 1 equals 3 is an okay answer if you can give the teacher your thought process...really, I would have slammed Mr. Crabtree's geometry class if that happened back when I was in school....people are turning to a rudderless, leaderless govt floundering at home and worse abroad but beating the chest of "see what I've done"...this my friends is why my tears flow...this country of self reliance, limited government, take personal responsibility, a country that celbrate the small businessman who created and flourished and wealth and success were something to be admired and a goal to be achieved, where children WANTED to be President, policemen and firefighters instead of hip-hoppers, lude exhibitionists and pro athletes...a country where everyone from everywhere was welcomed with open arms through LEGAL quotas that lead to LEGAL citizenship...so my tears flow today and tomorrow and probably for many more days to come as I watch a once great and proud country become a European socialist disaster and our leaders continue to find ways to GIVE more and more away to create a majority of takers and those that are taken from have less and less and the United States becomes nothing more but a sad footnote in history and historians will scratch their heads and say...REALLY they were that stupid...they really believed that giving everybody everything from the backs of the creators was the way to go....did they not have tens of examples from history to learn from? Really? What a tragedy...what a waste...May God bless the America I knew and may he give us his grace to open our eyes before it's too late...I would love nothing more but to shed tears of happiness like the famous picture of the Frenchmen watching US troops march in as the Nazis thrown out during WWII...HE knew tears of happiness...I hope we do too...may this 9/11 anniversary begin the reawakening of our great country...WE CAN DO IT...one proud American at a time...Take our country back!!!!