Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm proud of my Country, my troops and my first responders....I will not apologize!

A couple of weeks ago we were taping a show at the 14th Annual Atlanta Garden and Patio Show in a beautiful facility known as the Cobb Galleria. Thousands of people streaming in and out and we had standing room only crowds for our 2 tapings....very humbling to be sure (I have to set this scene up...that's what a host does)! We were playing some rousing patriotic type music, the crowd was worked up, then I came out to greet the crowd. I always like to tell a little story usually unrehearsed this is how it went.
A few months ago we had been approached by a TV producer about the possibility of taking Chef and the Fatman to TV. Although not extremely excited (I personally am not a HUGE fan of TV)Chef and I met with the producer and after a couple of meetings things seemed to be progressing well. While we were in the throws of trying to finalize the concept for a "shoot", the producer (whom I shall not name) went to our site, listened to a couple of shows and proceeded to tell me what he liked and felt needed to be "fixed". We were in total agreement up to the last point....then it completely fell apart. The producer noticed that we always sign off with a salute to our troops and first responders and that we might be a little over the top on our "patriotism"....we might want to think about dropping that, as there are some people that may not agree or may not feel as I do. I took his advice!
I dropped it....the TV show thing I mean.
I never called or e-mailed him back!
I will not make excuses for or be told I can't be what I am. I am a proud former member of the military, flag wearing, flag waving American that is truly proud and thrilled to have been born in a country that has given me and mine so much.
Now I know for certain Presidential candidates wearing the flag on their lapel WON'T happen, and the wife of said candidate may NOT be proud of our countries past, that's OK, that's their choice and I will defend their right to voice that choice no matter how distasteful I find it. That is what our country stands for....that is "the American way".
As a proud American I make you this pledge!
I will NEVER dumb-down my core beliefs in order to be accepted by those who DON'T love our country (but claim they love it more than I).
I will NEVER make excuses for my outward display of pride in America, God and Country!
Finally, I will to the best of my efforts, at the end of every show make sure "that we pray for our troops and our first responders for they are the reason we have the freedoms we enjoy so much....the price of never free! God bless everyone, we look forward to being with you again next week!"
That my friends I BELIEVE is the American Way!



Shaun Krisher said...

It sounds like your reaction was more than a little rash.

No one COMMANDED you to stop saluting at the end of your show. According you, he said you MIGHT want to THINK about it.

You could've said "no." But instead, you simply flaked out on the whole thing. You must be a joy to do business with: as soon as you hear something you don't like, you take your ball and go home.

It sounds to me like you're itching to take a stand for something, and you'll jump at any opportunity to get all hot and bothered. It's not that people don't love america, it's just that your politics aren't relevant to a cooking show, are they? Do you want recipe advice from your favorite politicos?

If you love America so much, why won't you embrace the values of compromise and open-mindedness to others? Because you really come off as a dick.

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Kimmie Kay said...

I commend you for not giving up your beliefs to be "PC" enough for TV. I have never been in the military but have always held them in high regard (whether we're at war or not) and am a proud American too all the way. I completely respect everything they do for our freedoms...good for you Fats!

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