Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Fatman's Culinary Bill of Rights!

My friends, as I sit here listening to the gentle rains falling upon the mountain top retreat of dear friends (nestled high in the beautiful Smokey Mountains). I ponder this Father's day a little differently this year as in years past, as this is the first year I have had a Father's day without my father being here. It is a sadder day to be sure, and a little less "fun" as in past Father's Days, however, I began thinking of the great things my father had taught and passed down to me over the years...and I began to smile just a particular thought that came to mind this day is his constant reminders as to the importance of EXCELLENT communication.
My father had been a famous and outstanding trial lawyer so it would seem appropriate that his communications skills were honed to a higher level...his constant reminders to me to constantly work to improve mine most assuredly led me down my career path of national speech awards, numerous radio hosting postitions and sales trainer.
So on this well deserved day of salutation to Father's everywhere I thought I would share one of his many important thoughts with you, and then, share my salute to him in a culinary kinda way, with my tribute I will simply refer to as, the Culinary Bill of Right's.
My fathers thought, "always communicate your thoughts clearly and with conviction so that there is as little confusion with the other person as possible and that will lead to a more enjoyable and forthcoming exchange and experience"...although paraphrased a bit truly seemed appropriate for this day.
I hope the above thought makes your day a little brighter and now I humbly present the following for your "mental digestion"!

Culinary Bill of Rights

Customers Bill of Rights

1. Be met, greeted and seated in a timely manner.

2. Prompt service and courteousness from staff.

3. Food to be delivered hot or cool, appropriate to item and on appropriate plates.

4. Server should be versed on specials and have a basic knowledge of the products served. Servers should be trained in the basics at the very least before taking their first order.

5. Management should be involved in both front and back of the house at all times.

6. Management should handle problems of every kind so as to not cause customer further annoyance.

7. Fair and proper compensation for problems (brought to a restaurants attention in a timely and appropriate manner) should be followed at all times.

8. Management should respond quickly and courteously to any and all problems.

9. There should be NO minimum tipping scale for any group under 8.

10. If taking reservations…customer should be seated within 15 minutes of time agreed upon. Except under EXTREME conditions. Then under EXTREME conditions should be given and honest and fair time assessment!

11. Customers should expect clean and stocked restrooms.

Restaurateur's Bill of Rights

1. Customer to be reasonably patient and courteous during busy times.

2. Customer should be expected to tip appropriately.

3. Customer should let management or server know immediately upon problem arising.

4. Customer should be courteous and patient in explaining the situation and should not take out non-service related problems on the TIP!

5. Customer should give restaurateur a second chance to improve (depending upon the severity of the problem) upon issues brought up to them.

6. Customer should never make a scene in the dining area as to embarrass or demean restaurant and or server.

7. When asking for "special" orders, customer should be reasonable and make absolutely sure they have been clear in their request and get request repeated back to them so that there can be little confusion. Customer should be PATIENT with "special" orders.

8. Customer should be expected to receive REASONABLE compensation for their problems…..NOT EVERYTHING FREE ALL OF THE TIME!

9. The customer is NOT always right!

10. When a customer asks for something "EXTRA" the customer should EXPECT to pay for it.

Well, I hope you will "communicate" your thoughts back to me on the above "delectable" ditty.
I hope your Father's Day is as special as mine.



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