Saturday, June 16, 2007

Go ahead...Try it....You might be surprised.

Well the show is in the "can" as the old axiom states and yes, I survived. Having created and been the host of Chef and the Fatman the Blue Collar Chefs for the last 4 1/2 years, I had a feeling, that it would be inevitable, that the stars would align in such a way, that I would have to Chef. They did and I did. I had great trepidation about Cheffing as I am not really anything more than an above average part-time "slinger". Trying to "create" the recipes, present the recipes, keep the banter with the audience, stay on point, plug the place and the rubs and cookbooks, stay on-time, provide culinary info and entertain people that would need to stand for 2 hours kinda concerned me.
Heck, it's no different for me than it is for others who are faced with similar situations of being put into the "spotlight" without wanting or expecting it.
I had 3 BIG things working for me, Chef Mike a steady hand at cooking (his two nephews BJ and Chris) secondly, a GREAT engineer that new how "to get my attention" and finally a crowd that was willing to accept anything we said.
This is not too dissimilar to what almost everyone faces at one point or another in their life....your turn in the "unexpected spotlight"....think about those around you, you've probably got a great helping hand (you may not know you even have), a support structure ( your friends and colleagues) that understands a little of your trepidation but WANT to help you succeed and a "crowd" (everyone else around you) that is willing to believe in YOU.
Take the challenge, grab the friggin it head-on, here are my suggestions to make this moment work ( I want you to succeed!)....organize your game plan (critical), surround yourself with great people and dive in with confidence (although, a little trepidation is cool, trepidation can be an ally) believe that everyone that COUNTS around you will support and work hard to make your "trial" a positive one.
When it works (and it will) baby, you feel on top of really rocks. Bathe yourself in the glow of success, it is even sweeter than you thought....indulge in the moment....Then, THANK GOD for the people around you and remember to thank them again-and-again. It just feels good and is the absolute right thing to do.
Go ahead....try it, take the step into the unknown when the moment is thrust upon you...FEAR NOT...leave that comfort zone (it will be OK)...believe baby, BELIEVE in YOU and everyone AROUND YOU and you WILL be GLAD you took that step on the "wild side".
I did, and, I'm so thankful for everyone that made this moment feel so good, Chef Mike, Engineer Karen, Chris and BJ, the BGE and most of all the crowd that stood there for 3 hours I kid you not....3 hours.....standing, laughing, cutting up and asking for autographs throughout,....Y'all ROCK baby, it really does not get more humbling than that.



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