Thursday, June 14, 2007

I love it and Monti gets it!

A couple of weeks ago I went into a new restaurant in my hometown of Woodstock GA (as we refer to on the show as the "culinary black hole" of the South) named Monti's Express.
This is a breakfast and lunch place that is small and rather unassuming. This is a place that GETS IT. You don't have to have the biggest menu, the most items, the foofiest platings....just serve up good food everyone can recognize, good portions for a fair price and serve it hot and quick. HELLO how difficult can that be? CIA grad and owner Chef Monti truly understands.
Baby it ain't fancy but his Monti's 5 minute breakfast sandwich ROCKS, 3 eggs scrambled, good quality bacon a nice cheese on a Kaiser Roll (or plain white for me) a BIG sandwich with a container of OJ and a drink, made fresh to order in 5 minutes or less, $4.99. God love you Monti. Monti has other free standing locations in NJ and I think maybe in FL.
This CIA chef from Jersey GETS IT and I LOVE IT. Woodstock, your seeing light at the end of the black hole. Thanks MONTI!

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Chris said...

ok, we TOTALLY have to go try it out now. THanks!