Thursday, June 21, 2007

Salt and Pepper.....Why is it so difficult?

On this beautiful warm sunny day in Georgia, when everything seems right with the world, I feel obligated to raise a concern with restaurant owners in order to make my day even better. Owners it's your salt and pepper shakers, those little conniving containers that have caused me grief yet again, this morning, and it's time for me to make MY day even better by telling you about it!
I don't know, maybe it's me, but whenever I go into a restaurant and reach for the salt and pepper shaker I feel like a real crap-shoot is about to begin, will I, or won't I, have to take the lid off the shakers in order to season my food!
I challenge you friends to go into a decent restaurant or most any restaurant for that matter and use the salt and pepper shakers without having to take the top off, go ahead try it ( I know most of you know where I am going with this). You shake, you shake harder, then you bang and take the lid off (those holes in the container are ALWAYS to small).
Oh, I know there are those of you out there that are more physically fit than I (probably 90%), and that you truly enjoy the shaking, banging and the eventual aerobic workout that you receive before you are blessed with a "dash" of either or both, to you, I have nothing to say.
For me, I just want to pick up the shaker and with minimal effort apply my condiments and eat on...but no, most restaurants feel incumbent upon themselves to create this challenge for me and mine, and to you I say...SHAME.
I often ponder as to why it is that the nicer the restaurant, the smaller the openings on their shakers? I guess it follows right along with the nicer the plating, the smaller the portions the smaller the portions , the higher the price. I get are looking out for me, thanks, but no thanks.
Owners, why not take a moment and "walk in my moccasins" as the great Charles Carnegie once wrote and shake your shakers baby, then please make sure those shakers that go on your tables are dispensing with ease instead of causing us all of the aforementioned hassles and the eventual opening of the lids and inevitable pouring out to much condiment ruining, your culinary delights.
Step up, be a leader in your industry...shake it one tiiiiime for US, your customer.
Make our dining experience juuuust a little more memorable, we would appreciate it.
In return, maybe we won't be as disgruntled with your smaller portions and nicer plating, maybe just maybe, we won't grumble so much about the sticker shock....maybe.
I finish with this side note: I cannot guarantee to silence the grumbling of my 1/2 empty stomach, from the weenie portions you have plated so beautifully and I am still unable to control the chirping of the crickets coming from my completely empty wallet, for that, I humbly apologize!

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